• The new EP features music giants Mpho Sebina and Jordan Moozy
  • Seven is a numeric meaning of completion


Decked out in a lime green suit dress by local fashion designer Lesedi Matlapeng of Keffseddy, songbird Samantha Mogwe held a visual and listening session for her brand new EP styled “Seven (VII)” at Avani Gaborone Resort and Casino last week.

Arguably one of the best vocalists in the country, Samantha’s vocal prowess and distinct and soothing sound take centre stage in the seven-track body of work. “The number seven carries significance,” she told Time Out. “It’s a numeric meaning of completion.”
“The title came after the project was completed. Some people work the other way around but I worked it towards the end. It signifies completion in a divine way. People who read the Bible will tell you that seven signifiers divine perfection.”

“God creating the universe and everything in it and then resting on the seventh day is an example of divine perfection. Seven made sense for me because I was done.”


Ending her break
Samantha had taken a break and had not released a full body of work for a long time and the new EP was meant to give music enthusiasts a taste of an entire body of work. Instead of releasing a full album, the songbird decided on an EP (Extended Play) as all the seven songs are less than 30 minutes.

“I am trying to sit in this moment for a little while,” she told Time Out. “I am already working on a full album, but I don’t want to focus too much on that and lose focus on this current project. When it comes to the release date, the work was ready and it simply needed to be released.”


Tracks and featured artists
The new EP features songs such as Seven, Not the Same, Fade Away, No Holding Back, More of You, and Beautiful that were written by Samantha Mogwe and produced by KD Bangers.

Oxygen features seasoned singer, urban poet and instrumentalist Jordan Moozy and Marang features Mpho Sebina, who has been described by Bushfire Festival as a music force with a voice that dances over melodic beats. Samantha brings a fused element of neo-soul and RnB in her latest offering.

“Featured artists were people I had wanted to work with,” she said. “I know Jordan Moozy and Mpho Sebina. We are always in similar spaces and love each other’s music. The collaboration made perfect sense.”


Both knew
Explaining the inspiration behind one of her songs, “Fade Away,” that she said was produced by Sandile Ncube, the sultry and soulful artist spoke of the scenario she created in her head as being of a young woman who visits a foreign town while she is studying abroad.

The imaginary woman meets her soul mate and both knew it was meant to be after seeing each other for a week. The young woman had to return to her studies abroad and asked her lover to wait for her.

Seven (VII) is available on all streaming platforms.