Samantha Mogwe releases “Beautiful” Visuals

  • The new music video is an extension of positive affirmations of one’s beauty


Following the successful release of Samantha Mogwe’s single titled “Beautiful” last April, the neo-soul and R&B songbird dropped the official music video of the song on Youtube last week, Time Out has established.

“Beautiful” became a much-needed narrative shift – a course correction of what
most people already knew, which is that they are beautiful.

“The song takes you on a journey, exploring the emotions that come with affirming your
position of being capable of shining,” said Samantha. “This is despite perpetuation of seeds of self-doubt and questioning whether you are deserving of good things coming to you.”

“Beautiful,” which is a fusion of neo-soul, Afro-beat and trap-soul, opens with crisp visuals of the songbird decked out in a flowing floral gown who is later joined by dancers Angie Amba and Stellar Atsile in a vintage pick-up truck. Written by Samantha Mogwe over a period of two years, the song was arranged and produced by KD Bangers, who is a
Zambian producer based in Botswana.

The music visuals are directed by Benstar the Cinematographer with special appearances
by Amba and Atsile, who are great dancers in their own right.

Says Mogwe: “The song is a timely love letter to someone who needs to be reminded of
who they are. It is a gentle reminder that you are worthy of beauty and of joy and of all the
great things that happen to you and for you.”

Samantha Kitlanang Mogwe is a singer and songwriter who fuses elements of neo-soul
and R&B in her craft. Born and raised in Botswana, she uses music as a tool for touching
people across any divide. In addition to her native Botswana, she has performed on numerous stages, among them in South Africa, Namibia, Ethiopia, and Sweden, alongside well known artists like Zahara, The Soil, Zonke, Joe Thomas, Kenny Latimore, Lira, Micasa
and Hugh Masikela.

Samantha Mogwe has won several awards, among them the YAMAs (Yarona FM Music
Awards) winner for Best Female Artist of the Year and BOMU’s (Botswana Music Union
awards) winner for Best Packaged Album, showing her ability to capture the hearts of different audiences.