Samantha Mogwe Gears Up For Virtual Acoustic Show

According to organisers, Batswana are slow on the uptake of virtual shows while the international market is agog about the Acoustic Show with Samantha Mogwe. Staff Writer GOSEGO MOTSUMI reports

At the click of a button, music enthusiasts will get a front row seat at Samantha Mogwe’s first virtual acoustic show this year. Styled “Acoustic Show with Samantha Mogwe,” the live concert is billed for 13 August and will give music fans a unique and unfiltered session that many don’t get an opportunity to see up close due to the pandemic.

“The show will feature some of her classic songs and new music from an upcoming EP,” Kabelo Rapinyana of Mogwe’s management team told Time Out. “We were inspired to stage this show so that her music may enjoy her new works safely. Artists have not been doing much work in this COVID-19 era and we have now embraced the new normal of staging virtual shows.”

The soulful songbird has already released the first single, “Beautiful,” from the untitled EP. “Beautiful,” which is a fusion is neo-soul, Afro-beat and trap soul, takes one on a journey, exploring the emotions that come with affirming an artist’s capacity to shine despite the narrative of self-doubt and whether one is deserving of good things happening for one and others.

The new song that has been topping radio playlists will be featured on the show’s playlist as well as Mogwe’s classic songs “Transition” and “Queen”.

Said Rapinyana: “The cherry on top will be the debut performance of her unreleased song titled ‘Marang.’ She is currently working on her new EP that will be released before the end of this year and will feature other local music groups. It has been a while since she staged an intimate show and she never disappoints.”

While the pandemic has incited an explosion in livestreamed concerts, Batswana have not really warmed up to the idea of a virtual show. By contrast, Rapinyana said they are receiving responses from the international market that is looking forward to logging in and having a good time.

“I would like to urge Batswana to embrace new technology and support local arts so they grow,” he added. “The concerts are playing a fascinating role in keeping the arts alive while keeping everyone safe. Buy your tickets early and you will be added to the private Facebook group where you will get access to special behind-the-scenes content before and after the show.”

Samantha Mogwe, who has left radio to focus on her music career, was recently a part of the Sir Seretse Khama Centenary Celebrations where she sang the national anthem with the BCF Band.