Samantha Mogwe Reloads the Midday Fix


Songbird Samantha Mogwe is back on radio airwaves, thanks to Gabz FM management that would not take no for an answer when they went after her.
Mogwe had previously brought some heat to the same radio station when she co-hosted a radio show called the Midday Fix in 2020.
“Management still felt that there was potential for my co-host and myself to bring a different way of doing midday radio and tap into old and new markets,” she told Time Out.

The Midday Fix Reloaded
Gabz FM last week announced a new lineup as part of their ongoing efforts to deliver the station’s brand promise, “Power To Engage Your World.” Mogwe rejoins her former co-host, Swift Mpoloka, also known as ‘The Prolific Pantsula,’ on the lunchtime drive with The Midday Fix Reloaded.
The show’s aim is to allow listeners to escape from daily challenges and stresses by touching on human interest, general knowledge, great music and overall good content.
“After being on air for a week, the response has been great from the Gabz FM team to listeners calling in to say that they are happy to hear the familiar voice back on air,” said Mogwe.

More than a musician
“The week has been quite exciting, with loads of give-aways and off-site mobilisation. It has really created a buzz around our show and being back on air.”
Asked what she will be bringing to the show this time around, the songstress said her brand has a lot more to offer outside of just music. The radio platform is great for all shades of Mogwe as a voiceover artist, corporate MC, motivational speaker, and an advocate for musicians rights as she works closely with COSBOTS.
Listeners will also get to explore Mogwe as a holistic person who can engage on issues that affect Batswana. “Samantha on radio is very similar to the artist,” she said of herself.
“The only difference is that radio gives me more time to really show who I am as a person, whereas the artist is limited because the personality does not have enough lee-way to be seen in its entirety.”

New lineup
The new Gabz FM lineup comprises some changes and a re-introduction of radio talent. One of the most notable changes is the revamp of the flagship breakfast show to include veteran presenter Kgosi “Dollar Mac” Kgosidintsi who joins the formidable Setho Mongatane to co-anchor the show.
The dynamic duo is joined by news editor and anchor Rorisang Mogojwe and Tshepo “Slow” Sekgororoane on sports. The breakfast show, dubbed Breakfast in High Definition, is a fast-paced show that is the pulse that the nation wakes up to.
Former radio host Carlos Makgato has joined Gabz FM as the latest addition, hosting the weekday evening show called Purple Nights that wraps up the day. The station has retained its weekend talent which comprises Tkay, Joe, Phlyhoney and new kid on the block Bame Boitshoko.