SA’s Naakmusiq and Zuma to Ignite Gabz with Electrifying Performances

  • Untamed Sessions promises an unforgettable evening of music and entertainment


The City of Gaborone is abuzz with anticipation as two of South Africa’s renowned artists, Naakmusiq and Zuma, prepare to set the stage alight in the highly awaited Untamed Sessions show.

This electrifying concert is scheduled to take place at the prestigious Game City Horizon View (Marquee) on Saturday 24 June when what promises to be an unforgettable night filled with exhilaration, entertainment and unbridled talent will come alive on the stage.

Naakmusiq, acclaimed for his soulful voice and exceptional musical abilities, has captivated audiences in and outside South Africa with his chart-topping hits like “Mamelani,” “Ntombi,” and “Ndakwenza Ntoni.”

A decade ago

Botswana fans, who fell in love with his music over a decade ago, eagerly anticipate his return. Sharing the stage with him will be rising star Zuma (formerly with Amaroto), whose popularity has skyrocketed in recent years with smash hits like “Megalo” and “Iy’ntsimbi Zase Envy.”

Event coordinator DJ Kebah expressed his excitement about the forthcoming concert, stating: “Untamed Sessions is set to deliver an extraordinary experience and atmosphere to Gabz City. This event promises non-stop excitement and pure joy. We have carefully curated a perfect blend of exceptional music, talented DJs, and an exceptional venue to create an unforgettable evening for our vibrant audience.”

The safety and security of all attendees are of paramount importance, the organisers have arranged for stringent security measures throughout the event.

Untamed Sessions is a premier events company committed to curating outstanding urban mainstream entertainment experiences in Botswana. Renowned for their dedication to delivering top-quality entertainment, the company has earned a reputation for creating unforgettable moments that resonate deeply with their enthusiastic audience.

Immense interest

The concert has generated immense interest, with limited tickets available due to the exclusive nature of the event. In anticipation of high demand, an RSVP link was made available, and all slots were filled within a mere hour. For those who missed the RSVP, tickets will also be available for purchasing at the door on the day of the event.

Alongside the stellar performances by Naakmusiq and Zuma, the concert will feature a lineup of local talent, including DJ Kuchi, Kebah, DJ Bunny, and Macx Wa Bana, among others. These homegrown artists will provide exceptional support and contribute to the overall energy and excitement of the event.

Attendees can expect a wide range of refreshments on sale at reasonable prices inside the venue, ensuring a delightful culinary experience. To maintain the desired atmosphere and ensure a seamless event, outside coolers, alcohol, food, and hubbly will not be permitted.