• Music experience honours legendary John Selolwane
  • “The world is no longer as we knew it”


Following their long overdue gig that was disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, folk jazz band Sereetsi & the Natives’ first show, dubbed “The Native Experience,” lived up to expectations at Maitisong in Gaborone over the weekend.

It is now tradition for the band to mount a show at least once a year where they get to play all of the Sereetsi & The Natives discography. This time around they brought along a new set of artists to the party, much to the delight of their fans.

A new band called BIUST Jazz Band started the proceedings. It was followed by Oliver the Poet, Native Vocs, a band called To Be Decided, the legendary Western Tinto before Sereetsi & the Natives wrapped up the night.

The band’s frontman Tomeletso Sereetsi took to the stage, plugged his four-string guitar to the system, opened his playlist, jotted something on a piece of paper and performed a two-hour set of his new and old songs.

At the heart of the sound of Sereetsi & the Natives is the band leader’s traditional four-string guitar while their music features some of the most exciting singer-songwriters and instrumentalists from Botswana and the wider world.

Sereetsi brought on stage the legendary John Selolwane as one of the surprise acts of the night to perform the popular Kalanga track “Ngwana’a Ngu.”

“When the story of music in this country is finally and properly written, there will be volumes on the living legend that is John Selolwane,” Sereetsi said in an interview. “When you talk about the Grammy award winning Hugh Masekela and Paul Simon, he features hugely in those stories.”

“He started a band called Kalahari, which was home to Jonas Gwangwa, Masekela, Banjo Mosele and many others. He has played everywhere and we are honoured that he joined us for this musical experience.”

Right on cue, a visibly elated, Selolwane expressed gratitude for the opportunity to once again perform on stage. “What I request from Batswana is very simple: hard work, creativity, respect and love will always take us forward because the world is no longer as we knew it,” the guitarist said.

“There are so many challenges now. Support your own people and artists. I am proud to be honoured in this music experience.”