SKY Girls BW Celebrates 10 Years of Impact and Announces Exciting Future Plans



SKY Girls celebrates its 10th anniversary, reflecting on a decade of empowering and uplifting teenage girls across Botswana and beyond. The celebratory event held at New Capitol Cinemas at Masa Centre on 8th April 2024, brought together esteemed guests from diplomatic, business, civic, and government circles to honour the remarkable journey of SKY Girls in Botswana. With entertainment by former SKY Girl Rai, who sang the “Sure Ka Rafiwa” theme song she wrote for the TV show when she was only a teen, she also performed the SKY Anthem alongside Han C and Kopani Kgabi.


Kelebogile Chunga, Chairperson of Social Dialogue Organisation and General Manager of The Dialogue Group, who are the custodians of the SKY programme, spoke on the transformative impact of sisterhood and authenticity in nurturing the adolescents, girls, and young women (AGYW) of SKY Girls.

“My vision is for SKY Girls to persist in inspiring and nurturing young women for generations to come. We are already witnessing the ripple effect, with former SKY Girls assuming leadership roles within the program, truly exemplifying the values of empowerment and leadership,” said Chunga.

Shaping future leaders 


The event’s keynote speaker, Director of Commercial Segment at FNBB Botswana, Jennifer Makgabenyana, shared her personal journey as a mother and professional, indicating the important role of programmes like SKY Girls in shaping confident and resilient future leaders. She applauded SKY Girls for addressing a spectrum of critical issues and empowering girls to make informed choices, paving the way for a more equitable and sustainable future.

Expanding impact 


Looking ahead, SKY is assertive about expanding its impact with exciting initiatives designed to further empower and engage young girls in Botswana. The programme will continue with public space pop-ups and school activations as part of the SKY 10 celebrations, aiming to reach more girls with its empowering message. Additionally, a 10-week smoke-free competition will promote healthy lifestyles and teach teen girls how to budget, the release of two new magazines, and the “Tikula” series will be aired on BTV and YTV for families across the nation.


Part of the 10th year anniversary celebrations include a partnership with New Capitol Cinemas, which will enable free screenings and access for SKY girls to the upcoming “Tikula” series by SKY.


The SKY programme in Botswana is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, UNICEF, and the Ministry of Health through the Tobacco Levy.