St Louis Unveils its Latest Brew With Local Creatives 

  • Priscilla K, Han C and Flex The Ninja drop a 6-track album
  • BK Proctor and Fifi Wale release limited-edition merchandise


In a bid to inspire a sense of pride and appreciation for homegrown talent, St Louis Lager has mounted a “Hype The Homegrown” campaign and brought together local creatives Han-C, Priscilla K, BK Proctor, Fifi Wale and Flex The Ninja to produce exceptional original works to emerge from Botswana.


Under this campaign, Han C, Priscilla K and Flex The Ninja have produced a six-track album called “The Journey” while BK Proctor and Fifi Wale have merged their fashion design and artistic skills to produce limited edition merchandise.


“As a beer proudly brewed here at home, we believe in nurturing anything locally crafted,” said Kgalagadi Breweries Limited (KBL) Marketing Manager, Gaamangwe Ramokgothwane, at the launch of the campaign in Gaborone recently.

Call to action

“‘Hype The Homegrown’ isn’t merely a brand campaign; it’s a vibrant call to action for every Motswana to champion, endorse, and revel in the wealth of local creative talent.


“It embodies a spirit of collaboration, uniting diverse creatives from various disciplines under one resounding truth: Botswana’s creativity thrives best when it is a collective effort.


“By showcasing the incredible talents and achievements of our local artists, musicians and entrepreneurs, we hope to inspire a sense of pride and appreciation for our homegrown talent.”

The Journey 

“The Journey” is a collaborative album by Han-C and Priscilla K brought to life by Motswana producer, Flex The Ninja. The album features songs such as Re Ya Pele, Oa Nkgarakgatsha, On My Life, Decipher, Call Me and Mma Nna and is currently available for streaming on all major platforms.


“Promoters can book these artists to perform their joint album at their events and the bill will be on us through our ‘Book the Homegrown’ initiative,” Ramokgothwane said. “Our next step is to partner with promoters.”


Explaining the collaboration process, Han C said it was quite interesting to work with artists with different voices and artistic direction.

“I was a bit scared about the end product. What comforted me was the fact that they are talented and the process turned out to be smooth. I had to adjust my style a bit and the results are amazing.”


Illustrator Fifi Wale and fashion designer BK Proctor have produced limited edition merchandise that is set to be made available for sale at select Collections by BK Proctor stores or won through the ongoing St Louis Lager Trade Promotions that will end on 19 April 2024.

Open-minded creatives

Sharing their thread story, Fifi Wale said she had to study and understand BK Proctor’s brand in order to bring her illustrations to life.

BK Proctor added: “We visualised, conceptualised and developed the idea. We are both open-minded creatives and we had the freedom of not limiting each other’s creativity. We fully understood each other and it worked.”


Delivering a keynote address at the launch, the Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Trade, Seipati Olweny, said it was imperative to acknowledge the pivotal role that homegrown talent plays in shaping cultural identity and driving economic growth.


Once truly unlocked, Olweny highlighted that the local creative economy will serve as a real contributor to the nation’s ever growing and diversifying economy.

“By providing a platform for artists to showcase their talents, fostering connections within the community and championing initiatives that promote inclusivity and diversity, St Louis Lager is igniting a cultural renaissance that will reverberate far beyond the confines of this campaign,” she said.


“Let us commit ourselves to nurturing the next generation of creative visionaries and creating a legacy that will inspire for generations to come.”