The Main Deck is the latest cool spot in town

The hit with patrons must be the option of building one’s own braai dish


As Gabs aspires to be counted among the world’s top culinary capitals, the city’s food scene continues to bulge with an eclectic mix of restaurants popping up to cater for a widening range of foodies and appetites. This is a place where people are constantly on the lookout for hip and happening spots around town and the new Main Deck Restaurant at G-West is the latest addition to the city’s foodscape.

With its sister company situated at the heart of Gaborone’s Main Mall still, the G-West restaurant and bar was officially opened on 17 August and aims to provide another joint that patrons can call their spot. Perhaps this was done to reduce traffic at the Main Mall and to accommodate more people at a bigger spot. The point is that customers want restaurants with Instagram potential in eye-catching spaces, and the new Main Deck restaurant offers unique décor that is interactive and photogenic for social media savvy patrons.

While it’s not uncommon to find artworks hanging on restaurant walls, the Main Deck has left no stone unturned featuring photographs, lighting fixtures and paintings telling the Botswana story. As you enter the building, birds are chirping and you gain the impression that the décor was deliberately designed to celebrate Botswana through historic, cultural and tourism pictures that create a deeper connection and awareness for the restaurant’s guests. “You won’t really see the chirping birds,” says a waiter. “It’s recorded sound.”

The interior of the restaurant is a combination of warm earthy colours, greenery, boho-inspired patterns on floor tiles, typography and rustic wood appearing on anything from the ceiling, floor, pillars and the furniture. There is also noticeable greenery not only in the ubiquitous potted plants but in decorative accessories hanging from the ceiling and plant motifs that are springing up from the wallpaper.

When it comes to the restaurant’s menu, foodies are spoilt for choice as they have the luxury of choosing from the tried and tested favourites to lesser known gems without breaking their budget. But what stands out from the regular meals on the menu is the option of building your own braai meal every Sunday while listening to live jazz music. This special offer allows patrons to choose the quantity, the type of meat and the desired side to suit their preference.

“The sad part is that this offer only happens on Sundays, but it is something new that we look forward to because it accommodates your budget,” says a patron who has clearly been here before. “The prices differ to also accommodate your preferred choices. The restaurant has mastered the art of taste when it comes to their meals. The only downside with this new establishment is the steep stairs to come up. I wish there was another option to cater for everyone.”

Overlooking the busy Gaborone West Shopping Complex, the restaurant is perfect for meetings and chewing the fat with friends and family after hours. From its communal seating design concept to incorporation of local art, the restaurant strives to create an inviting social atmosphere that allows customers to enjoy, interact and keep coming back.