The perfect brunch at The Fig Tree Restaurant

While the menu did boast other enticing choices, the Fig Tree Club Sandwich drew me in.



Talk of a unique, exclusive and cool environment: The Fig Tree Restaurant nestled at the Grand Palm hotel in Gaborone fits the bill.  Situated next to the hotel’s Olympic size pool, The Fig Tree recently introduced a new menu which boast a selection of meals perfect for brunch including salads, pool side pitas or light meals coupled with a choice of mocktails, smoothies or juice.
Upon receiving an invite to try their new menu, Saturday afternoon was the perfect time to visit and enjoy a light meal paired with sundowners by the poolside. The environment was relaxed and had a healthy mix of friends catching up, family outings and colleagues chilling by the restaurant’s outdoor chairs under the fig tree.
The outdoor environment provided great lighting for some of us who like to snap moments away. The green scenery allows one to enjoy a great view of palm trees, well-kept lawns, flowers, peacocks and monkeys strolling by.
While the menu did boast other inciting choices, the Fig Tree Club Sandwich, priced at P95 drew me in and I was anxious to know how a combination of smoked chicken bacon, fried egg, swiss cheese and gherkin would work with other ingredients. It was an interesting mix and I eagerly awaited my brunch. I could not make up my mind about what I wanted to drink and the waiter suggested the ice-cold Flag mocktail, which is a colorful mix of grenadine, blue curacao and orange juice. The perfect selection for a bright sunny afternoon priced at P44.
The food was served in a reasonably short time, well presented and tasty. The sandwich was everything I had hoped it would be when I saw its list of ingredients. To top it all off, the meal was served with homemade fries and a salad. I rarely enjoy fries but the thick, crispy brown fries looked inviting and were a perfect pair with the flavors of the sandwich.
It’s hard to articulate the joy I feel when experiencing such well-made food; needless to say, I would come back many times over to have this same meal again. I will surely recommend Fig Tree Club sandwich and the relaxed atmosphere it offers- to  those visiting or living in the city.