Upcoming Gospel Music Awards to Reignite the Genre and Honor Talent

  • Fifth edition of the GMAs to be preceded by a workshop for artists
  • Registration of works by artists is open until 31 July
  • Voting to take place in August and September


In a vibrant celebration of faith, talent and musical excellence, this year’s Gospel Music Awards (GMA) are set to resuscitate the gospel music genre and honour the extraordinary talents that are its heartbeat.

Scheduled for 5 October at a venue to be announced, the event is poised to be a spiritual and cultural milestone that will bring together the finest voices and the most dedicated artists in the gospel music community.

Themed “Psalms of Healing,” the event aims to spotlight the enduring power of gospel music to inspire, heal and unite. Said GMA director, Joel Keitumele, at the awards launch in Gaborone recently: “This is the time for music to heal all aspects of your life.”

Rich heritage

Gospel music has always been more than just a genre; it is a movement, a source of comfort and a beacon of hope.

The upcoming Gospel Music Awards will pay homage to this rich heritage, celebrating the songs and artists that have touched countless lives.

From traditional hymns to contemporary gospel, the event will showcase a diverse range of styles and sounds that continue to evolve and resonate. “This will be the fifth edition of the awards, said Phempheretlhe Pheto, who is also a GMA director.

21 categories 

“Registration of works by artists is open until the 31st July. After the closing date, adjudicating by the judging panel will begin while voting will take place in August and September.”

The Gospel Music Awards will feature 21 categories designed to honour various aspects of gospel music excellence. Awards will be given for Best Song of the Year, Best Packaged Album, Best International Act, Best Female Artist and Best Male Artists, among others.

Reigniting the Genre 

The awards are coming at a crucial time to add to the synergy of resurgence that gospel music is currently experiencing. With a renewed focus on creativity and innovation, gospel music is reaching new audiences and finding fresh expressions.

Catalyst of revival 

This awards ceremony aims to be a catalyst for this revival, encouraging artists to continue pushing boundaries and exploring new avenues for their music.

“Prior to the awards, we will have a workshop with the artists to teach them about the importance of monetising their craft so that we continue to have artists who will keep the genre alive,” said GMA president, Gloria Dzwikiti.

As the awards draw near, excitement is growing within the gospel music community and beyond.

The event is not just about accolades and recognition for the artists; it is about reigniting a passion for gospel music and celebrating its profound impact on people’s lives.