Womanhood Celebrated with Bernini Purple Rain Soiree 


  • The organiser expressed the hope that many more will follow after this first-ever event of its kind


Hosted at the National Museum and Art Gallery in Gaborone over the weekend, the first-ever Bernini Purple Rain Soiree was aimed at bringing women from different walks of life under one roof to share stories and celebrate life as a woman navigating through life in this day and age.

The soiree is the brainchild of media personality Boineelo Hardy, who partnered with Bernini, which is a range of sparkling spritzers made from wine and designed for women who are innovative, confident and empowered.

Around Women’s Day

“I saw it fit as a woman in Botswana to have an event around Women’s Day that is not a high tea but a fun night to celebrate our womanhood,” Hardy said at the intimate soiree.

“This is the first event of its kind and hopefully the first of many to come for decades. The event provides a safe space to share our views and have fun.”

While most women in attendance expressed how they practice self-love, keynote speaker Linda Keloneilwe, who is a lawyer and mother, shared some nuggets of wisdom on how women can strike a balance as homemakers, community members and every role that is demanded of them and still be expected to be active in the economy.

Proverbs 31

“When we were young, my grandmother used to come into our room at the crack of dawn and open wide the curtains, saying a girl is not supposed to sleep until the sun rises,” she said. “I grew up with this lesson, and as a Christian woman, my favourite scripture is Proverbs 31, which relates to what my grandmother used to say.”

“Proverbs 31 tells us that the ideal woman is virtuous, strong and a selfless woman who does not wait to be served but rises early, even before sunrise, to delegate tasks and engage in business.

“So a woman was created for all this and what I want to highlight is that it is okay to delegate because what burns us out is that we want to be everything and not ask for help.”

A side hustle

Keloneilwe advised women to engage in business with a side hustle, to buy themselves flowers as a form of self-love and to learn to say no.

As the sun set over the venue, patrons were invited to raise their glasses to a day filled with elegance, fun and the exhilaration of belonging to a safe space that celebrates womanhood.