BCA Embarks on Transformation

  • Board reviews image and takes bold steps to optimise output
  • Says visit of women’s team to India was successful
  • Indian team of experts here to enhance BCA coaching capacity


Botswana Cricket Association (BCA) has initiated a series of transformative measures in a bid to revamp its strategies and bolster performance.

According to a statement released by the Vice Chairman of BCA, Sumod Damodar, the Board has reviewed the image of the organisation and taken bold steps to optimise output, both on and off the field.

In the review, the Board gave much attention to aspects relating to all departments of BCA and all the necessary facets of on-field activities.

Meanwhile, the visit of the BCA women’s team to India has been described as “successful”.

The Herons

Said Damodar: “After the successful tour of the BCA Women’s team, dubbed The Herons, to Bengaluru in November 2023 at the invitation of the Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA), it is now time for KSCA to reciprocate.

“Continuing our partnership with KSCA, a technical team comprising three experts has arrived in Gaborone on March 14th and will depart on the 31st.”

The visiting team consists of Rajesh Kamath, Head Coach of KSCA, Mukunda Galappa, Senior Coach of KSCA, and Kiran Kudtarkar, Analyst at KSCA.

Damodar noted that the mandate of this visit will predominantly focus on empowering the BCA coaching staff/development team and a few hand-picked support coaches with a view to enhancing the coaching capabilities and capacity of the BCA development team.

Intense programme

“The KSCA team will work very closely with our coaches around an intense programme encompassing theoretical and practical components of the game, which will continue even after their return, through digital platforms,” he stated.

“The duration of this visit will also enable BCA national coach, Stanley Timoni, to work closely with the KSCA and his team, with the four national squads.”

Additionally, practice games and training sessions will be organised for Men, Women, and U-19 Girls/Women, focusing on the T20 format, while the U-19 Boys/Men will engage in 50 Overs matches.

The utmost seriousness

“These formats align with the ICC pathway events in which our teams will participate,” said Damodar. “However, it is important to note that the U-19 squads for both genders participating in this programme will not be the final selection as selection camps will be held next month.”

Damodar urged both players and coaches to approach this opportunity with the utmost seriousness, emphasising the importance of absorbing, learning, and implementing the knowledge imparted during this period of collaboration.