Writers invited to submit manuscripts for #Fifty@fifty Campaign

“The campaign offers a new platform for Botswana’s established and unknown authors to shine.”- Green


Black Crake Books is inviting local writers to submit their manuscripts for a campaign dubbed #Fifty@Fifty which will be a way of celebrating Botswana’s 50th independence.
According to the Managing Director of the company, Nick Green, the campaign offers a new platform for Botswana’s established and unknown authors “to shine”. “It is a fresh way to launch authors and introduce readers to our burgeoning new talents in all their favorite genres,” said Green.
The aim, he added, is to project Botswana’s literary voice to the world and to develop local talent.
“It is always disheartening to see only South African, Nigerian or Kenyan authors making a mark in African writing awards…most of these awards only accept published material and it is with this in mind that we conceptualized the #Fifty@Fifty campaign,” he explained.
The campaign started on Monday and is expected to run for a period of one year, with 50 manuscripts expected to be shortlisted for free publication after screening. “This is an exciting campaign for both us as the publishing house and the public at large. We anticipate many submissions during this campaign. There are many writers out there with finished and unfinished manuscripts sitting in their computers waiting for a break. We are happy to give these authors that break,” said a beaming Green.
Writers are expected to submit their first three chapters and a synopsis of their book to the email nick@blackcrackebooks.com.  “If the manuscript passes the screening process, the author will be contacted to send their well-edited, full-length manuscript for publication. Only 50 authors will be considered in this once-off #Fifty@Fifty Black Crake Books campaign. The publishing house will not, on this occasion, be accepting works that are poetry or non-fiction. Entries must be written in English. Previously published or self-published works will not be considered. Manuscripts must have a minimum word count of 65, 000 . Only one manuscript per author will be accepted. Manuscripts should be submitted in Word.doc format only,” explained Green.