Yorokee “Feels Lonely Again”

A project of the Banana Club Artist Fund (BCAF) for budding artists, the single is the lead track from upcoming alternative R&B EP, “Entropy”




Emerging musician Yorokee is set to make waves with the release of his debut single, “Feels Lonely Again”.

The single is the lead track from his anticipated debut EP, “Entropy,” that is slated for release early in the New Year.

The EP consists of four alternative R&B tracks and marks Yorokee’s first feature offering, encapsulating a journey through themes of unrequited love, self-esteem, depression, faith and infatuation.

Chaos and creation

The title “Entropy” holds a profound significance, representing the natural tendency of the universe to transition from a state of order to disorder and embodying creation, destruction, chaos, and annihilation and rebirth.

Yorokee found resonance in this concept, using it as a guiding force in the production of his debut body of work.

In his own words: “Entropy to me is about self-actualisation, discovery, and affirmation that I can use my experiences to fuel this journey that I have embarked on to create and connect with people all around the world in the hope and belief that they will relate and find meaning in this chaos.”

Underserved communities

The EP’s realisation was made possible through The Banana Club Artist Fund (BCAF), a three-month-long residency programme supporting emerging creative entrepreneurs from underserved communities as they produce and present artistic projects.

Yorokee has expressed gratitude for the opportunity and experience: “I feel blessed to have found a home and a team that works relentlessly to help me make my wildest dream a reality,” he said.

The first single, “Feels Lonely Again,” co-written by Yorokee and SRNBLUE, and produced by SRNBLUE and Flex The Ninja, will be accompanied by a visually stunning performance that is set for release on 7 December.

Struck by inspiration 

The live performance, creatively directed by Banana Club Project Producer Larry Asmah, features videography by South African-based Daliwonga Sakman while the visual is produced by multi-disciplinary creative studio, Banana Emoji.

Said Yokoree, reflecting on the creative process: “When I began working on this project after I got funded by Banana Club, I just wanted to create. Fortunately, I was struck by inspiration that took full control of my writing and the creating process. It just flowed and I did not force anything or resist anything.”

His debut EP, “Entropy,” promises to be a sonic exploration of emotions and experiences and a testament to the artist’s growth and self-discovery.

Stay tuned for the release of “It Feels Lonely Again” and the full EP early in the New Year.