APEX Boss Questioned Over Fake Covid-19 Products

Umesh Loona confirms raid at his office


Apex Property Founder Umesh Loona was recently questioned by the Botswana Medicines Regulatory Authority (BOMRA) over counterfeit Coronavirus (Covid-19) medical equipment, this publication has learnt. Although Loona said the questioning was centered around the licensing and registration  of the company, he nonetheless confirmed the presence of BoMRA and law enforcement officials at his offices.

“They just asked for the license of our business and they were satisfied with all the information we provided them,” Lonna said.
He however stated  that the raid and questioning was a result of ‘professional jealousy’ by some of his competitors. “The reason why we have not been marketing this company is because it has not been our core business but when the Coronavirus pandemic began, we saw an opportunity.”

The Apex MD further revealed that the investigators took with them some of his company’s documents but in the end was given the green light to continue in operation.

Loona said his products had been approved and declared fit to use by BoMRA. He said contrary to allegations that the products had been recently purchased from China, they were all procured locally but would not reveal his suppliers.

When reached for comment on Tuesday afternoon, BoMRA Public Relations Manager Israel Kgosidiile confirmed raids of a number of fake COVID-19 medical equipment including suspected fake sanitizers and thermometers from some local companies. He said some of these products were found to be hazardous and dangerous for consumers.

In relation to the issue of regulating infrared thermometers, Kgosidiile said no company had been cleared or exempted to either sell or supply such thermometers in bulk unless it is for home consumption. One of the products that Loona’s company sells is infrared thermometers.

He said BoMRA only began the registration of companies and persons supplying and selling infrared thermometers less than a week ago.

BoMRA has previously warned people and companies supplying and selling unregistered, non-exempted and fraudulent medical products.  “The Authority warns that  those who are found to be in violation of MRSA will be subjected to legal action, persecution and possible jail time,” read a statement released  by BoMRA in March 2020.