BAIA Commends The Re-Opening Of Liquor Trade


The Botswana Alcohol Industry Association (BAIA) Chairperson Mothusi Molokomme said government’s decision to re-open liquor trading will help sustain thousands of jobs dependent on the industry.

Molokomme said BAIA commends the Government for its exemplary leadership during this crisis.

“We also applaud the Government for having considered re-opening of the Liquor industry (on a restricted basis) effective from Wednesday 3rd June 2020 as this will save the Industry that supports employment and livelihoods and is a key revenue earner for Government,” he said.

The alcohol industry has around 15 000 direct employees, with 15 000 more jobs created indirectly. Further, BAIA called on all traders to ensure that all health protocols are in place prior to re-opening of their outlets as per the COVID-19 protocols (including for all their employees). Further, he said they must ensure that markings in and outside the outlets are clear where consumers will queue to ensure social distancing and also to make sure that a limited number of customers at a time are allowed in to the outlet. Further, Molokomme said liquor outlet owners should also ensure that security measures are in place to safely disperse dense crowding outside of a liquor outlet.

“For online ordering and delivery, we urge traders to consider engaging citizen-youth companies to develop ordering-apps & provide delivery (this will create an opportunity for a new industry).

Similarly the Association calls on consumers to strictly adhere to all the COVID-19 health protocols,” he stated.

The sustenance of the industry according to the BAIA Chairperson is heavily dependent on industry players’ behaviour and approach towards this.

Further he said alcohol will be sold strictly for home consumption as per the amended liquor laws (except for restaurants) and as such we plead with the consumers to adhere to this.

“BAIA calls on all stakeholders to work together to ensure that the industry is protected hence protecting the livelihoods of many families and thanks the Government for playing its part,” he said.