Bofepusu to march over missing bpopf billions

  • Union promises to fight elitist looting
  • BOFEPUSU calls on Carter Morupisi to resign as Chairman
  • Demonstrations against corruption scheduled for April


Botswana Federation of Public Parastatal and Private Sector Union (BOFEPUSU) Deputy Secretary General Ketlhalefile Motshegwa has assured union members and the public in general of the Federation’s unwavering focus on cleansing the Botswana Public Officers Pension Fund (BPOPF) of any undue influence from the political elite.
‘‘As we have always insisted before, the BPOPF belongs to the members. It is the civil servants who are our members who put their money as per their contribution of five percent and the employer’s contribution on their behalf of fifteen percent in accordance with conditions of service,’’ Motshegwa said in a statement released on Monday.
Motshegwa said they would no longer allow elitists to loot the fund. ‘‘Our priority is to maintain a keen interest in the prudent management of the valuable contributions of civil servants. The Fund is one of a number of instruments left through which ordinary workers could take part in the financial fruits of their country, and indeed harness the economic opportunities in their country. That’s what the Federation will be looking to help the fund do,’’ reads part of the statement.
Motshegwa, who is also the Chairman of Risk and Compliance Committee at BPOPF, said together with Tobokani Rari who is the Chairman of Benefits Committee at BPOPF, will continue to vigilantly represent protect the interests of members/employees in the board and the fund itself, to ensure prevalence of good corporate governance safety of pensions, sustainability and profitability.
‘‘We urge and remind members to take responsibility and ensure that every year they get their pension statements either with Departments of Human Resources at their workplace, or with the nearest Regional Offices of BPOPF,’’ he advised.
Motshegwa, who is currently studying in Italy, revealed that there will be an Ordinary Governing Council on the 25th June 2018 and Ordinary Congress of BOFEPUSU on the 29th June 2018 where a full report will be given to affiliates unions and delegates to share with members.
He further said they were concerned after Bakang Seretse wrote to BPOPF indicating that the fund Chairman Carter Morupisi has beneficial interest in Capital Markets Botswana.
“This was a matter of particular concern to us, given the gravity of the allegations. The Unions then indicated in the meetings that Mr Morupisi could not chair the board when there were serious corruption allegations against him which had great potential for reputational and financial risk to the fund. He was consequently pressurised to recuse himself from the meeting, which he did’’, Motshegwa revealed.
He however expressed disappointment that despite the union’s pressing for Morupisi’s dismissal from the board, government representatives in the board gallantly refused.  ‘‘Government need not have defended Mr Morupisi when it could have easily replaced him with someone clean of such reputational risk. At the end the board resolved to report Mr Morupisi to DCEC. Despite this, with support of Government representatives in the Board, Mr Morupisi continued as chairman. Morupisi should have the decency to step down given that it damages the reputation of the Board/Fund, and as he is refusing for reasons unknown, the unions will fight for his removal to preserve the integrity of the fund,’’ charged Motshegwa.
Motshegwa told this publication in a follow up interview that BOFEPUSU will hold national demonstrations against corruption in the country on the 20th of April this year.