Khama raises concern over volume of cars

  • Heavy traffic volumes compel government to upgrade roads
  • 53 200 vehicles registered last year


FRANCISTOWN: Botswana is significantly experiencing heavy traffic volumes due to the rising numbers of new registered vehicles every year, President Ian Khama revealed when officially opening the upgraded Francistown/Tonota road whose construction started 3 years ago.
Last year alone, according to Khama, 53 200 vehicles were registered bringing the total number of vehicles in the country to 750 000. So far this year from January to date an additional 8 664 vehicles were registered. “This heavy traffic volume is also compounded by vehicles transporting goods from the north to south of the country and even abroad; this compelled government to upgrade this Francistown/Tonota road from single to dual carriage to reduce the rising volumes of traffic that were experienced,” he said.
Khama said although the road designs were long made in 2002 the project was shelved due to the recession but was resuscitated 10 years later. “This road and the first of its kind junction commonly known as spaghetti is designed to ease traffic flow as well as efficiency. The government has demonstrated high commitment in upgrading major roads as the main aim is to reduce traffic fatalities by 60 percent in 2020 in line with the United Nations (UN) 10-year plan,” he observed.
In addition, Minister of Transport and Communications Kitso Mokaila said due to the growing vehicle population, government wants to upgrade roads that link Botswana with the rest of North Africa from single to dual carriage.
He said although the spaghetti junction is complete, there is need for alterations in some parts to avert accidents.