BOKA Kicks Off Season With National Team Selections


                African Games and Region V Games are of immediate attention 


Botswana Karate Association (BOKA) is set to commence its season with rigorous national team selections on 10 February in Gaborone. 

BOKA president Mpho Bakwadi is enthused by the upcoming trials that will play a pivotal role in assembling a formidable team for the African Games in Accra, Ghana in March, and the Region V Games in Namibia in May among international competitions due this year.

“The national team selections are a critical juncture for us as we gear up for the intense competitions ahead,” he said in an interview.

Cohesive team 

“It’s not just about individual skill but building a cohesive team that can make our nation proud on the global stage as well.”

With eyes set on the African Games, billed as one of the continent’s premier sporting events, BOKA is keen on identifying and nurturing top-notch talent that can bring glory to Botswana. 

Scheduled for Accra, Ghana in March, the Games will be a litmus test for the nation’s karatekas when they face stiff competition from across the continent.

Unique opportunity

“Competing at the African Games is a unique opportunity for our athletes to measure themselves against the best on the continent,” Bakwadi said. 

“We are not just preparing for participation but are aiming for excellence. We have always performed well at continental level and it is our aim to continue doing so.”

Following the African Games, the selected national team will set its sights on the Region V Games due in Namibia in May. 

These games, known for fostering camaraderie among southern African nations, provide a platform for Botswana’s karate enthusiasts to showcase their skills and fortitude.

Regional ties

“Our athletes are not only ambassadors of karate but also of Botswana,” Bakwadi enthused. “The Region V Games offer a chance to strengthen regional ties through sportsmanship and a shared passion for the martial arts. 

“I must also note that there are a couple of competitions that our athletes will be taking part in in Europe, provided our funds permit.”

The BOKA leader highlighted the significance of meticulous team selections and the responsibility of identifying individuals who not only excel in their craft but also embody the values of sportsmanship and dedication.

“Our focus is not solely on victory but is also on nurturing individuals who embody the spirit of karate, both on and off the mat,” he asserted. “We believe in producing not just champions but ambassadors for the sport.”