Botswana Council Of Churches Caution Delinquent Church Leaders Against Covid-19 Vaccine Falsehoods


Botswana Council Of Churches has cautioned some unruly church leaders against influencing congregants to shun COVID-19 Vaccine.

Botswana Council Of Churches Secretary General said they are aware of some leaders who continuously mislead the congregation against COVID-19 virus.

Reverent Tsuaneng indicated that the council has always promoted the acceptance of the Vaccine as it is a symbol of God’s response to prayers.

“We are aware that there are those who peddle untruthful statements about the Vaccine and it is quite unfortunate to be having such people within our community, I do not know of any sensible government across the world that can procure with people’s money something that is intended to eliminate the whole nation” added Tsuaneng.

He further said congregates should not waste their time by listening to mischievous leaders, adding that most church leaders have taken the lead in encouraging church members to take precautionary measures against the virus.

“When someone says the Vaccine has an element of bad omen they should be able to furnish us with material evidence, in fact they must be proclaimed as criminals to continuously untruthful statements and myths without any justification because those who are saying that the vaccine is on its way are producing evident of its impact” added Reverent Tsuaneng.

He further said it is unfortunate that the laws of the country do not permit the council to take any stern measures against delinquent church leaders, however saying that any church discouraging the goodwill of God’s intervention must be condemned.

“The spirit of the church is about life than the church is all about life giving so any church that preaches against messages of life to the people must be withdrawn” said Reverent Tsuaneng.

He also said this is a matter of life and death and therefore all members should stand in solidarity to ensure that lives are saved.

Prayer can help lessen the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and instill a sense of hope as well as encourage people to remain calm.

Meanwhile, recently churches in conjunction with government launched a four day prayer against the pandemic in Gaborone.

During the launch Minister of Presidential Affairs, Governance and Public Administration, Kabo Morwaeng said there was need for different religious organizations to call for God’s intervention in the fight against COVID-19.