Botswana Doctors On High Demand As Covid-19 Intensifies

  • USA, UK poach Botswana’s best doctors
  • COVID-19 lead Doctor is a wanted man by US gov’t
  • Masisi confirms local doctors are in demand internationally
  • They chose to serve this nation – Balopi


The skyrocketing demand for medical professionals globally, as a result of the Coronavirus ( COVID-19) pandemic, could result in the Botswana Government  losing some of its best medical  doctors, The Botswana Gazette has established.

So huge is the demand that first world countries such as the United States of America (USA) and the United Kingdom region amongst others, have already announced the shortage of healthcare professionals in their countries, as a result of the deadly virus.

This publication has it on good authority  that one of the lead doctors in the High level Presidential task force assigned to deal with this virus, is being sought after by the US government. Professor Mosepele Mosepele is said to have received several lucrative offers internationally. Professor Mosepele is a specialist in Infectious diseases, Internal Medicine and General Medicine.

President Mokgweetsi Masisi recently said some countries were indeed interested in having some of Botswana’s “best medical brains” and also revealed that Professor Mosepele is actually one of the targets.

Minister of Employment, Labour Productivity and Skills Development Mpho Balopi also confirmed that Botswana possesses some of the best trained medical professionals who are in demand globally, during this period.

“We do have people such as Professor Mosepele and others who have been trained in some of the top institutions in the world such as Harvard,” said Balopi.

Further he added that it is normal for countries to poach around for the best skilled force when facing pandemics such as the deadly COVID-19.

He said countries look around for professionals who have been trained at their Universities because they believe they are the best globally. “We are aware they have been offered huge sums of money,” he said. Interestingly, Balopi said the doctors have chosen to serve their country instead.

“We had conversations with them, particularly Professor Mosepele.  For them, it is not about the money, they are committed to serving this nation and help during this pandemic. They are patriotic,” he stated. Demand for these doctors comes at a time when trade unions are at loggerheads with government over the benefits given to frontline workers during this pandemic.

The Botswana Nurses Union (BONU) has dragged Government for failure to prioritise workers’ safety against COVID-19. BONU has, on several occasions, threatened to down tools as a result. President Masisi has however swiftly moved to strip workers of any rights to strike during this six month of State of Public Emergency.