“When we arrived for work this morning, we found some employees gathered outside the CA Sales office gate while others were inside the premises, as we had heard from social networks, about the incident that occurred over the weekend.

We decided to park outside and wait for communication to be conveyed to us by management. As we waited more and more employees came and increased the masses that were waiting outside the gate while a few kept on going inside. A few police officers then came in their van and went in with some of CA Sales Loss Control officers. We waited for a while without anyone saying anything to us.

After what felt like 30 minutes, our HR came and started talking on the phone. Thereafter, he started telling employees that it hasn’t been said that they should stand outside the premises therefore they should go in, most employees refused while a few others proceeded to go in but seeing most of their colleagues not moving they returned to the gate.

We stood outside for about one and half hour until the same HR came and told us that we should go home and come back to work the following day. So far no one has explained to us, the workers, what happened at our work place during the weekend. So far we don’t know anything regarding the suspected case, when this person arrived at our workplace, who was there, who came in contact with him… nothing. No one is addressing us on the issue.”

CA Sales & Distribution provides sales, merchandising, warehousing and distribution services for top FMCG brands in Botswana and with 1 200 employees, CA Sales is one of the largest local employers.

Repeatedly contacted this morning, the Director of Health Services said that he will respond during the course of the day.