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  • The Church takes to social media to commemorate the death of Christ and celebrate His victory over death
The nation-wide lockdown for prevention and control of COVID-19 means that Christian cingregations across Botswana will not be gathering at Easter this year, The Botswana Gazette has established.
This is a hard because Easter is arguably the most important time for Christendom the world over for the reason that it commemorates The Last Supper with the Eucharist and celebrates the victory of Jesus Christ over death.
“This year’s Easter celebrations are going to be very painful for us,” the Secretary General of Botswana Christian Council, Reverend Gabriel Tsuaneng, said in an interview. “But there there is no one to blame for the situation. We have accepted the inconvenience that comes with the suspension of church gatherings.”
Even so,  Tsuaneng noted that the Church was turning to social media  for a measure of ‘salvation’ at this important time for the flock of Christ.
“We will do the Easter conventions and conferences through social media,” he said. “But the painful thing is that not every member of the Christian community is on social media. So it is a service that will be accessed by only a few.”