Gunners players fall on hard times

  • Players were not paid March salaries
  • New committee cannot access bank accounts
Players of Lobatse side Extension Gunners have fallen on hard times after the team failed to pay their salaries for March, Gazette Sport has established.
Their circumstances are made more abject because the nationwide lockdown for COVID-19 means they cannot leave their homes to fend for themselves.
“The players have been calling about assisting them,” said Gunners’ interim chairman, George Kerekang, in an interview. “We would like to help but it is difficult because COVID-19 has hit us hard. We used to pay our players from gate takings but there is no football action now and we have no partners to turn to.”
Kerekang noted that the impasse between the team’s old committee and new management was not helping because it means bank accounts are out of bounds as there has been no handing over.  Kerekang and his committee have been serving on an interim basis since October last year.