Civil Servants On Private Companies’ Payroll – DCEC

  • Katlholo says some cases are already in court
  • Some rewarded for tilting the scales in favour of the tendering companies


The Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crimes (DCEC), director, Tymon Katlholo has revealed that it is true that there are several public officers who are in some private companies’ pay rolls over what appears to be an arrangement to reward their preferential treatment and favours to such companies.

Katlholo was confirming an allegation from the chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee of Governance and Oversight Mabuse Pule who wanted to know whether what he often hears that some big private companies surviving on business from the government are openly rewarding public officers who tilt the scales in their favour.

Katlholo confirmed the cases expressing that it is becoming a worrying phenomenon, “in fact just this week we were from court on one of the cases similar to what you just alluded to,” he added. According to Katlholo, the DCEC is investigating a couple of these cases. “They take some time because they involve a lot of players including banks, but we will manage over time,” he said.

Pule said the practice is mostly prevalent in companies which are in the tendering business where greasing palms is disturbingly becoming a norm.