On our last edition dated 7th July 2021 we published an article titled “Truckers park their vehicles after alcohol ban” where we erroneously referred to the Vice Chairman of the Kgalagadi Brewers Association Truckers Association Michael Sefhako as the Managing Director of Paithal Group. In an interview with The Botswana Gazette he also revealed that more than 50 truckers have been sent home following the recent alcohol ban.


We would like to clarify that it has since been brought to our attention by the Directors of the company that Sefhako only conducts adhoc marketing for the company and his views represent the association he works for, not that of Paithal Group. It has also been clarified that the company has not sent any of its drivers or employees home, rather the 50 truckers mentioned in the story are members of the trucking association, which Mr Sefhako represents.


The Botswana Gazette would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused by the mix up and corrects the misleading record from an interview with Mr Sefhako.