DISS Engages Consultant to Examine Disputes Over Promotions

  • PAC hears that the move followed agents’ concerns that their police and army counterparts fare better in promotions


The Directorate of Intelligence and Security Service (DISS) has engaged an independent consultant to investigate progression and promotion disparities within the organisation, Director General of DISS, Peter Magosi, has said.

Speaking before the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on Monday this week, Magosi said the engagement of the consultant signifies the commitment of DISS to transparency and fair treatment of all its personnel, regardless of their backgrounds or previous affiliations.

He noted that the move followed enduring concerns raised by officers recruited from the Botswana Police Service and the Botswana Defence Force who said that their counterparts who remained in the police and the army had achieved better career advancements compared to them.


“It is important to foster a work environment that promotes meritocracy and equal opportunities for all officers irrespective of their recruitment origin,” said Botswana’s top spy.

“We have thus engaged a consultant to look into officers concerns. The report will be shared with my principals.

“By appointing an independent consultant, we aim to identify any underlying issues and to implement necessary changes to create a level playing field for all our dedicated personnel.”

Internal processes

Magosi informed the PAC that he takes the concerns seriously, adding that it is the organisation’s duty to ensure that there are no disparities in career progression and promotion within DISS.

It is understood that the consultant, whose identity remains confidential, will conduct a thorough review of internal processes related to career advancement and promotion at DISS.

This review is expected to encompass a comprehensive assessment of policies, performance evaluation methodologies, and any potential biases that may have inadvertently affected officers’ career growth.

Meanwhile, The Botswana Gazette can reveal that some officers have already engaged lawyers to fight the alleged disparities and their stagnant progression.