Inside Han C’s Mantswitswidi Productions 

  • The platform will serve as a catalyst for emerging talents to make their mark on the creative scene



When music artist Hanceford Magapatona started his musical career, he was fortunate enough to have a mentor who helped him navigate the challenging creative industry.

Better-known as Han C, today he is undoubtedly one of the country’s best vocalists and a multi-award winning artist who owns a production company styled “Mantswitswidi” that he intends to use as a catalyst for creativity to enable emerging talents to make their mark on the creative scene.

“I was given an opportunity by someone and I believe I can pay it forward in a massive way by uplifting and empowering a lot of people,” he said in an interview.

Calls and texts  

“I get a lot of calls and texts every day from people trying to penetrate the industry. A lot of people need assistance and guidance, especially those who are starting out. So it was important for me to start Mantswitswidi Productions.”

Mantswitswidi is a production company that the Han C brand has been trading under. It will venture into various initiatives in the creative industry with an empowerment project for upcoming creatives that will entail honest conversations and opening doors into music, fashion, event planning and food.

“I do not want to divulge much about the project yet, but it is going to help a lot of creatives and I will give feedback once everything falls into place,” said Han C.

The name and “Maloba”

“The name ‘Mantswitswidi’ was derived from my song called Padipadi that has a line that says, Ke kopane le mantswitswidi wa go roba-roba.  People have been calling me Matswitswidi since I dropped the song. It’s now a familiar word that people call me by even on the street.”

The pop artist has also been consistent and dropping hit after hit, the latest being “Maloba” that is currently enjoying major airplay. Han C says when he wrote the song, he chose titles and messages that everyone can relate.

“People relate to songs differently,” he added. “In my view, ‘Maloba’ is a song about how I prayed hard to achieve my goals but stopped praying once I achieved what I wanted. So it’s about God reminding me where I came from.”