DOW: France Museveni is A Weapon Against Dissent

Describes account operatives as a community of cowards


Specially Elected Member of Parliament Unity Dow resigned from the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) yesterday and proceeded to describe pseudo Facebook account styled France Museveni as a weapon against dissent and accountability.
Dow, who has launched a fight before the courts to unmask Museveni, said in her resignation statement yesterday: ”We must expect France Museveni, perhaps with a new name and a new slant, to continue with his democracy-slaughtering antics.”
She added: “Batswana are too smart not to see these fake accounts for what they are – weapons against free speech, weapons against dissent, weapons against accountability, weapons against democracy and ultimately weapons against Botswana.”

Dow said she will not be cowed or silenced by pseudo accounts for calling on the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Service to operate within the confines of its mandate, among other things.
Linking her ordeal to speaking out against the secret service, she charged: “The response to my November 2020 address was a series of sustained and unrelenting brutal, brutish, abusive and cruel social media attacks on my person and members of my family by a Facebook troll calling himself France Museveni.”
The legislator, who says she is now independent, referred to Museveni’s account operative/s as a community of cowards.