She was due to appear before a BDP Disciplinary Committee on May 24, 2023, charged with “bringing the party into disrepute.” However, on Monday, she announced her resignation from the party in a scathing address aimed at the ruling party and its leadership.

Specially Elected Member of Parliament Unity Dow announced her resignation from the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) during a press conference on Tuesday. Dow was due to appear before the BDP Disciplinary Committee on May 24, 2023, where she has been charged with “bringing the party into disrepute and defying a party caucus decision.”
‘Appearing before the BDP DC would have been a waste of time’
“The details of the charges and my response thereto are now matters of public record. The complainant is Chief Whip, Hon. Liakat Kablay. I have carefully considered the futility or otherwise of appearing before the BDP DC and I have come to the conclusion that such an appearance, regardless of the outcome, would not lead to a settlement of the real dispute between the BDP leadership and myself.”
‘The BDP leadership is trying to silence me’
“The real dispute between the BDP leadership and myself is our competing versions of the nature of this country. I say it’s a republic. I say it’s a democracy. I say my statements in Parliament are protected by the Constitution. I say neither a social media troll, nor a fellow member of parliament, ought to have the power to muzzle any member of parliament.”

‘Masisi, Khama feud is tearing Botswana apart’
“We whisper in corners about how the feud between the His Excellency President Masisi and former President Khama is tearing this country apart and how it is costing us in terms of money, time and focus and how individuals have been victimized and have lost jobs and careers. President Masisi’s devotion to the feud has undermined his government’s ability to effectively manage the social, economic and political uncertainties of the last few years. There is a trust deficit borne from a growing culture of lying, fabricating, forging and generally taking the view that ‘the end justifies the means.”

‘Why are Batswana unhappy?’
“Have you wondered why it is so difficult to attract investment into our SMMEs and start-ups; to attract large scale investment to grow our economy and jobs; to be chosen as a location that is open for business. Have you wondered why the Sir Seretse Khama International Airport is so empty? No investor is going to choose a country where there is no consistency on policy positions and where a company can be declared corrupt by a public servant without the benefit of a court order. Our democracy and economy are under threat; but what can we do?”