President’s Marina Visit Jolts MoH to Improved Service

  • Govt promises shorter waiting times for patients 
  • Private doctors to see patients at Marina and other hospitals


The Ministry of Health (MoH) has promised improved service delivery at Princess Marina Referral Hospital (PMH) following growing public concerns about the state of affairs at the hospital.
Responding to Gazette inquiries about what changes may be expected following President Mokgweetsi Masisi’s unannounced visit to the hospital recently, ministry spokesperson Dr Christopher Nyanga said: “It is true that members of the public should expect improvements in service delivery at Princess Marina Hospital.
“While at the hospital a few weeks ago, His Excellency the President reiterated the hospital’s importance to not only the people of Gaborone and surrounding areas but also to all Batswana in general.”

Reasonable time
According to Nyanga, the President subsequently “reminded the ministry management team that it was important for the hospital to always be in a state where it can offer the best healthcare services and within a reasonable time”.
This, he said, relates to infrastructure, availability of medical personnel and the general reception of patients while at the hospital.
Nyanga added that MoH is therefore currently attending to some maintenance issues at the hospital. To that end, the Accident and Emergency (A&E) Department has been closed for maintenance and refurbishment.
“In its stead, the Short Stay Unit (SSU) is currently being used for accident and emergency cases,” he said.
On whether they have received any directives or guidance personally from the President following his visit, Nyanga said he urged them to expedite efforts to ensure that there is improved service delivery at PMH.

Accident and Emergency
“The ministry is therefore currently seized with the matter and is already refurbishing and re-organising the Accident and Emergency (A&E) Department to ease the congestion that has been common in the area,” he noted.
“In order to address issues of access to specialist doctors, the ministry is currently unfolding a plan that will allow private doctors to see patients at Princess Marina and other hospitals.
“This will go a long way in shortening the length of time it takes for patients to be attended to by specialists.”