Driving Positive Change: Botho University Community Initiative Golf Day

… not just about golf but driving change

On 27 October 2023, the Phakalane Golf Estate was not just a place for golf enthusiasts; it became a symbol of community engagement and philanthropy during the Botho University Community Initiative (BUCI) Golf Day.

In his opening remarks, Mr Lucky Moahi, the Chairperson of BUCI, set the tone for the day. He welcomed all participants and emphasised that the event was not just about golf but about making a significant impact on the community and driving change.

“I must emphasise these funds raised are not for the regular operations of the university,” he said. “Instead, they will be allocated to various BUCI initiatives, including entrepreneurial projects by students, student mobility programmes for international exposure, scholarships for alumni pursuing further studies, and community development projects spearheaded by Botho University staff, students, and alumni.”

Extensive reach

Dr Sheela Raja Ram, Vice Chancellor and Managing Director of Botho University, highlighted Botho University’s extensive reach, operating in five African countries and offering a wide range of academic programmes. “Botho University considers itself an integral part of society and the community,” she said.

Given the high levels of unemployment in the countries they operate in, Dr Ram emphasised the need for students to engage with the community and employers beyond the classroom. This involves connecting students to employers, encouraging entrepreneurship, and providing seed funding for student entrepreneurial ventures.

Additionally, facilitating opportunities for alumni to further their qualifications is critical, with many alumni pursuing postgraduate studies in developed countries. Dr Ram also underscored the importance of community-based research projects in building sustainable futures, emphasising the significant impact of BUCI fundraising in supporting these initiatives.

Generous support of sponsors

Said Mr Jay Ramesh, Chairperson of the Botho University Board: “The event was well put together and I thank all participants for their presence and the organising team for their meticulous preparations, ensuring a seamlessly run tournament.”

The success of the BUCI Golf Day would not have been possible without the generous support of sponsors like Stanbic Bank Botswana, Phakalane Golf Estate, 03 Beverages, Bank Baroda, Alpha Direct, Naledi Motors, RSM, and Granite Master.