DTCB questions Kobedi on sexual allegations

  • Unconfirmed allegations of sexual impropriety
  • Questions arise over purported Affidavit
  • Police deny complaint was filed against Kobedi

Gazette reporter

The Managing Director of Diamond trading Company Botswana (DTCB), Tabake Kobedi has been asked to take a voluntary leave of absence by the DTCB Board following an internal investigation into allegations of sexual impropriety.
Last week, an unconfirmed police affidavit circulating on social media claimed that Kobedi had been sexually involved with a minor. Investigations by the Botswana Gazette reveal that Kobedi has denied these allegations. The police affidavit is now the center of an investigation with the Serious Crime Unit, who have been investigating whether it is a forgery. Despite questions now being raised by the Botswana Police Service as to the veracity of the affidavit, DTCB has exercised caution in dealing with the matter and accepted Kobedi taking a voluntary leave of absence.
In an interview with The Botswana Gazette, the Head of Corporate Affairs, Kago Mmopi confirmed that DTCB is aware of the allegations levelled against its Managing Director. “DTCB is aware of the various allegations circulating on social media about its Managing Director, Mr. Tabake Kobedi. DTCB treats these allegations very seriously. In this regard, the Board will immediately institute an independent investigation into the matter. In the meantime, The Board has agreed with Mr. Kobedi to take a voluntary leave of absence,” responded Mmopi to this publication’s questions.
Mmopi revealed that the Director elected to voluntarily take a leave of absence with effect from Monday, the 17th of September. The DTCB spokesperson informed that as part of the investigations into the allegations against Kobedi, he will be asked to address the Board and tell his side of the story. Mmopi explained that in the meantime, they have very little information regarding the allegations and cannot reveal much until their own investigations are complete.
The Botswana Gazette has made numerous attempts to reach Kobedi for comment without success as he answers the calls and immediately hangs up. Sources within the Serious Crime Unit reveal that Kobedi has engaged the services of a close friend and advocate and has denied all the allegations levelled against him. The source reveals that the unit is not investigating the allegations against Kobedi but are focusing on allegations, raised by Kobedi and his counsel that the police affidavit circulating on social media is not genuine. The Serious Crime Unit would not reveal who the advocate’s instructing attorney was to enable this publication to reach him for comment. Advocates are prohibited by their code of conduct to directly represent a client, having to be engaged by an attorney. The advocate did not answer calls from this publication as at the time of going to print.
Botswana Police Service spokesperson Senior Superintendent Near Bagali, when asked for comment on the case by this publication, said he is not aware of a case having been opened against Kobedi, “I am very sure that we do not have such a case reported with the police. We are always accused of concealing information when big names are involved, but I promise that there is no such case with us.” Given the serious nature of the allegations and despite his refusal to comment and take calls from the Botswana Gazette, this publication will afford Mr. Kobedi a right of reply should he elect to do so.