Emang Basadi Calls on BCP to Withdraw Mmaphula Candidate

  • Says he is not fit for public office due to GBV allegations against him
  • Says BCP should not question the timing of the allegations
  • BCP stands by its candidate and warns against perpetuating injustice


Emang Basadi has called on the Botswana Congress Party (BCP) to withdraw its embattled Mmaphula council bye-election candidate, Gaolatlhe Kenosi, amid public outrage that followed accusations of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) against him.

Allegations of GBV were levelled against the candidate on Father’s Day, which fell on Sunday 18 June this year, by his son Daniel Kenosi.


The controversial hack accused his father of beating and injuring his deceased wife for the better part of their married life.

Not too late

In an interview with this publication following the public outburst that followed Daniel’s accusations, the president of the women’s advocacy and human rights organisation, Theresa Mmolawa, said it was not too late for the BCP to withdraw its candidate.

“The BCP has to listen to the public concern and stop questioning the timing of the allegations. The timing is not an issue because no one should determine when the allegations could have been revealed.

“There has to be a vetting, especially if you are to hold a public office,” Mmolawa said in an interview, adding that it is never too late for the BCP to rethink.

Contradicting versions

But the BCP has stood firm by Kenosi. In a press statement released following the allegations, the party condemned all forms of GBV and its manifestations.

However, it said taking sides in the face of contradicting versions would perpetuate injustice and amount to political witch-hunting. The BCP also wondered why the allegations only emerged when Kenosi chose to run under the BCP symbol.

Natural justice

“In 2019, Kenosi was a candidate for the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) and no allegations were made against him,” it said.

“Further, according to the party, the legal advice they obtained was that no matter how grave, untested allegations cannot serve to disadvantage any individual.

“As a party we cannot act contrary to the principles of natural justice by being the judge and jury in the social media and public courts.

“The allegations should therefore not be used to mount a political agenda against the BCP and its candidate.”