Guma Moyo faces revolt in Tati East

  • Voters want the party to recall Moyo
  • Sean Sebele fingered as preferred replacement
  • Moyo’s absence in the constituency is worrisome
  • BDP to make a determination on Moyo’s candidacy


FRANCISTOWN: The self-exiled Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) Tati-East legislator and 2019 parliamentary candidate Samson Guma Moyo is facing a revolt in his constituency as the electorates threaten to vote for the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) should the party fail to recall him from office.

Members of Tati-East constituency are also said to want Moyo recalled from his candidacy and replaced by Sean Sebele who lost the primary against him last year.

Those close to the development also revealed that it is already an agreed deal for the constituency to rally behind UDC candidate Matlhodi Modisapodi in protest against failure by the party to address primary elections complaints raised against Moyo. What aggravates the constituency members is that despite the fact that they reported Moyo to the party about the violation of primary elections rules and regulations the Central Committee never bothered to take action.

“Our belief is that Moyo managed to beat Sebele because the primary elections were rigged from the onset. And this is what prompted Modisapodi to quit the party because she was frustrated. That is why we have agreed to vote for her in the coming elections if the party does not recall Moyo,” sources close to the development revealed.

Also what compounded Moyo’s woes according to one of the constituency councillors who preferred to remain anonymous for fear of being victimized is his recent disappearance from the country amid claims of assassination plots. Recently the Tati–East MP claimed that he has fled the country following a tip-off from his intelligence sources that his life is under threat.

“How could he just disappear while he should be busy with the campaign. This is an indication that he is not serious about representing this constituency,” emphasized the councillor.

Modisapodi dumped BDP early last year to join Botswana Peoples Party (BPP) which consequently declared her as their 2019 parliamentary candidate under UDC ticket. “Our wish is to see Moyo being recalled and replaced with Sebele. If Moyo remains our 2019 parliamentary candidate our vote goes to UDC candidate Modisapodi because we worked with her and understand her. Our vote can only go to BDP if Moyo does not represent our party at the elections. She has been a foot soldier and a BDP loyalist so if we could vote for her and win she will retrace her steps,” added the source.

Back in 2015 Moyo announced that he will resign as an MP before his term could elapse. He went around his constituency informing different structures about his desire to quit active politics only to somersault on his decision and declared his interest to contest the primary elections.

While Moyo declined to comment, BDP Chairman of Communications and International Relations Kagelelo Kentse said that if he does not return from his self-imposed exile the party will have to make a determination on his candidacy. Furthermore, even if he comes back it is not guaranteed that his candidacy is safe because he still has to appear before the party disciplinary committee for the Serowe meeting. “The party has to prepare itself for anything that will happen concerning Moyo,” he said in an interview.