Intractable BPF Lot May Face More Contempt Charges

  • They disregarded Butale’s warning not to call a press conference
  • Were warned against further aggravation of a specific court order
  • Mephato Reatile, Kolaatamo Malefho and Lawrence Ookeditse singled out by name


The National Executive Committee (NEC) of the Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF) that was recently found to be in contempt of court for suspending the president of the party, Biggie Butale, may find themselves facing another charge of contempt.

This comes after the members of the NEC, among them Mephato Reatile, health secretary Kolaatamo Malefho and publicity secretary Lawrence Ookeditse, disregarded Butale’s efforts to stop them from calling a press conference for Tuesday this week.

Butale had expressly warned them not to call any meetings in the name of the BPF without his involvement as the president of the party.

Further aggravation

“I am aware of the press conference called by the purported BPF NEC members that is scheduled for today (Tuesday) at Arirang Hotel in Gaborone,” Butale said in a statement.

“I wish to warn members that this will be a further aggravation of the court order. Members are not to call any meetings of the NEC or any other meeting in the name of the BPF or structure without my authority.

“If members do not heed to this warning, we will be filling an affidavit in aggravation for all persons who attended the said press conference and or any other meeting for the continuous contemptuous acts and blatant disregard of the rule of law.”

Stark warning 

However, inspite of this stark warning, members of the NEC of the BPF went ahead with their press conference yesterday (Tuesday).

Reached for comment, Butale said members of the NEC who attended the press conference will answer for their actions in court.

Butale had triumphed against the same lot only the previous day (Monday this week) after they suspended him in total disregard of a court order that barred them from holding any party meeting without his involvement.

This is the third time that they disregarded the court order in favour of Butale.