Magosi Losing Battle with Disgruntled Spies?

  • Agents threaten to disclose classified information including personal lowdown on Magosi
  • Demand better working conditions and back pays ordered by Court of Appeal





The head of the Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS), Peter Magosi, is reportedly struggling to maintain order at the secret service whose agents are divided over back pay and are demanding better remuneration and improved working conditions.


The Botswana Gazette is informed that some agents are “very frustrated” and are contemplating disclosing classified information, including personal lowdown on Magosi.


Speaking on terms of anonymity, an agent has told The Botswana Gazette: “We demand fair and equal treatment for all. We are aware that some individuals have received their back pay while the rest of us have been left behind.




“We fail to understand why our superiors insist that there are no funds when we see money being redirected to unnecessary operations.”


In addition to considering disclosing classified information, the officers have taken their grievances to court.


A 4 May 2023 savingram from the Office of the President (OP) has reportedly worsened the situation. The savingram directed department heads in the public service to fulfil a Court of Appeal order for back pays to be made to employees on a certain salary band.




Seen by The Botswana Gazette, the savingram specifically states that back pays for DISS officers were included in arrears within the organisation’s 2023/2024 basic salary allocation.


In late May, DISS spokesperson Edward Robert informed The Botswana Gazette that the secret service was in discussions with various stakeholders in an effort to secure funds to pay its employees affected by the Court of Appeal order.


He added that a general staff meeting had been held to apprise all officers of progress in fulfilling the order.