Khama Accuses President of Macabre Crimes in Dossier Presented to EU

  • Alleges 15 extrajudicial killings under Masisi
  • Says he intends to return home before 2024 elections




Former president Ian Khama has submitted his dossier titled “Chronicles of Persecution 2018-2023” to the European Union (EU), the Commonwealth, the Southern African Development Council (SADC) and all Embassies in Botswana in which he alleges that his successor, President Mokgweetsi Masisi, has shown a serious disregard for human rights and the rule of law.


The dossier consists of 36 extensive annexures containing serious allegations against President Masisi and the head of DISS Peter Magosi and was submitted to these organisations and entities this week.




Khama claims that the information was gathered from various sources, including politicians, lawyers, intelligence operatives, and the media. He says he intends to return to Botswana before the 2024 general elections.


“The evidence is overwhelming and exposes gross human rights abuses and attempted cover-ups by Masisi’s regime,” Khama states. “This includes fabricating charges and accusations against me.”


He asserts that the evidence reveals the involvement of the President and the head of secret service in organised crime and the President’s family’s participation in high level corruption.


Conscientious objection


Khama also alleges persecution of prominent political figures like the MP of Lobatse, Dr Thapelo Matsheka, and conscientious objection expressed by influential members of the ruling party like Specially-Elected Member of Parliament Dr Unity Dow (MP).


Khama also claims that extrajudicial killings sanctioned by the state have become an “unprecedented phenomenon” that often occurs in broad daylight.


More than 15 executed


According to Khama, more than 15 people have been executed illegally under President Masisi’s leadership.


“However, please note that the accounts included here represent only a fraction of the iceberg, as many more instances of abuse are not included,” he says. “Additional evidence will be added to this dossier in the coming months.”