Khama: Third Parties are Behind Butale’s Actions

  • Points a finger at “invisible hands” of infiltrators




Former president Ian Khama has blamed the actions of the president of Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF), Biggie Butale, on invisible hands of infiltrators.


His assertions come after Butale’s call on the High Court to jail Khama and some members of the party’s National Executive Committee, saying they are the cause of instability in the BPF.


“It is obvious that there are third parties influencing and motivating what is going on,” Khama responded when asked about his view of Butale’s court cases and calls for his arrest.




Butale successfully challenged his suspensions as president of the BPF. Following his victory, he told journalists in a press conference that it is incumbent upon him to make sure that the incident does not happen again.


Political observers predict that the party’s troubles are far from over, judging by the intransigence of both camps.


The case and dispute mirror a situation of unending power struggles between Butale and Khama, who is patron of the BPF.