Masisi Defends Zim Regime

  • Says Zimbabwe is being torn apart by the west and “rich” countries through sanctions


President Mokgweetsi Masisi has strongly defended the sovereignty of Zimbabwe, asserting that every nation should have full control over its territory and population.

In a recent Kgotla meeting address in Masunga, President Masisi expressed his opposition to the sanctions imposed on the Zimbabwean government, stating that “these sanctions are causing severe suffering in Zimbabwe and its neighboring countries”. He described the sanctions as “cruelty against Zimbabwe”.

Immigration-related concerns

Speaking in response to immigration-related concerns against Zimbabweans raised by the people of Masunga Masisi said: “We are fully aware of the challenges confronting Zimbabwe, including external influences affecting its socio-political and economic circumstances. Botswana is pursuing diplomatic channels to address immigration issues related to Zimbabwe.” Masisi further added that it was important to maintain open lines of communication and cooperation to find sustainable solutions.

Stark contrast

President Masisi’s stance on Zimbabwe stands in stark contrast to that of his predecessor, Ian Khama, who had previously held the Zimbabwean regime responsible for the troubles plaguing Zimbabwe.

President Masisi’s show of support for Zimbabwe comes in the wake of highly disputed elections in the country. While many, including the Southern African Development Community (SADC) observer mission criticized the electoral process, President Masisi was among the first leaders to congratulate President Emmerson Mnangagwa on his victory.

In his congratulatory letter to Mnangagwa, Masisi said, “Your resounding victory is a clear demonstration of the trust and confidence that the people of Zimbabwe have in your visionary leadership. I wish to commend through you, the government and the people of Zimbabwe for adhering to the message of peace during the elections, a clear reflection of your country’s commitment to the democratic ideals  that are a distinguishing factor of the SADC Region….Please accept, Your Excellency, and Dear Brother, the assurances if my highest consideration and esteem.”