“There is a conspiracy to kill us!”-Kgafela


The Paramount Chief of Bakgatla Ba Kgafela, Kgafela Kgafela II, has made startling claims of conspiracies to assassinate him and those aligned with him through “witchcraft and criminal activities.”

Speaking at a community gathering in Moruleng this week, he alleges, “There are conspiracies to kill us.” However, he asserted that he remains “highly protected,” declaring that “no witchdoctor, no matter their location from Cape to Cairo, can succeed in harming me.”

Kgafela brought attention to the recent deaths of two individuals. He promised that those responsible for the deaths of their “brothers” would be brought to justice. He further alleged a range of offenses, including embezzlement, forgery, fraud, assault, and corruption, which he claimed were plaguing the Moruleng Tribal administration.

Legal means

In an appeal to the community, Kgafela emphasized his commitment to resolving these issues through legal means, rather than resorting to violence. He stated, “I believe in solving our issues through the law, not killing each other.”

Kgafela also made further allegations regarding the substantial wealth of the tribe. “It is estimated by experts to be around 1.7 trillion rands. I am concerned that this wealth is not reaching and benefiting all members of the community because it is in the hands of “thieves and witches.” “It’s your heritage I am fighting for, not money. We are dead serious about this. If God takes me today, I want to leave you free and with all this wealth in your hands,” he added.