Matsheka’s Arrest: Child’s Murder Accomplice or Political Scapegoat?

• Arrestisallegedlyin connection with Tlotso’s murder

• Authorities had not communicated by nightfall

The Member of Parliament for Lobatse, Dr Thapelo Matsheka, was arrested allegedly in connection with the murder of young Tlotso Karema yesterday. In the after- math, observers say the arrest of Matsheka who is a former nance minister may be a genuine criminal investigation or a dirty political scapegoating.

A combined team of members of the Directorate of the Intelligence and Security Service (DISS) and Botswana Police Service (BPS) took Matsheka for questioning at the DISS detention center at Sebele in a widely publicised operation that has become the trademark of high profile arrests.

Karema’s controversial death. “Matsheka was taken for questioning in relation to the Lobatse child’s murder case,” a highly placed source in the security establishment said.

Some political observers said the development has all the hall- marks of political scapegoating because Matsheka has fallen out with the current administration after his resignation from the Cabinet and links to Botswana Democratic Party’s upcoming elections in Nonofho Molefhi’s camp.

Neither DISS nor BPS had responded to The Gazette’s at- tempts to shed some light on the matter by nightfall but sources said the arrest was linked to

Social media was awash with speculation around the development last night. While some applauded the law enforcement agencies for doing their job, some highlighted the tainted credibility of the secret service in high-pro le cases, especially of people deemed to be enemies of the current ad- ministration or those who have spoken against or questioned the modus operandi of DISS.