Ministry Could Terminate P49m Moleps-Thamaga Road Project

  • Contractor abandoned site from July to October 2022




Parliament has heard that the government is considering terminating the contract for asphalt overlaying of the Molepolole-Thamaga Road following the disappearance of the contractor from site.


According to the Minister of Transport and Public Works, Eric Molale, the P49.4 million tender was awarded to Felxy Construction in January 2022 for a 12-month duration.


It commenced on 14 March 2022, with completion set for 13 March 2023.


The scope of the project involved overlaying asphalt over 40 kilometres of the Molepolole-Thamaga Road, resealing 10 kilometres of the Gakgatla access road and road markings.




“Currently, the project progress stands at 81 percent, with 30.5 kilometres of asphalt overlaying completed, along with resealing the Gakgatla access road and associated road marking,” said Minister Molale.


He disclosed that due to the delays, the project’s completion date was revised to 5 September 2023.


The minister said the delays are partly due to road infrastructure development and maintenance.


Some of the delays, he added, stemmed from the approval process for the subcontractor for asphalt overlaying, resulting in a three-month extension.


Available remedies


The contractor also abandoned the site from July to October 2022 due to cash flow issues attributed to price escalation of bitumen and related products.


“Efforts to facilitate the contractor’s progress have been made but with limited success, leading the ministry to consider all available remedies under the contract, including termination, to address the project’s current situation.”


Minister Molale was responding to a question from the MP for Thamaga-Kumakwane, Palelo Motaosane.