Morwaeng vows to uphold consultation

  • Says engagement is fundamental to development
  • Council decries lack of skilled manpower in Moleps


Empowerment and consistent engagement with village structures are critical to development and transformation of any village, the Minister of Presidential Affairs, Governance and Public Administration, Kabo Morwaeng, has said.
Morwaeng, who is also the MP for Moleplole South, said he believes that structures like Village Development Committees (VDCs), traditional leaders (magosi), as well as spiritual and political leaders ought to be empowered with knowledge and skills in order for them to better understand their role in development of their villages.
He was speaking this week at a developmental workshop in Molepolole that he hosted alongside his Molepolole South councillors, all nine VDC chairpersons and secretaries, traditional leaders, the sub-district council and the Office of the District Commissioner.

“The main purpose of the workshop is for the constituency leadership to be empowered with knowledge and skills with regard to Constituency Community Projects and ongoing initiatives like Ipelegeng,” he explained. “This is the first of its kind in Molepolole South, if not in the country, and many more are coming.”

“I am a firm believer that consulation on development projects of this village, which needs to start from the bottom and then go all the way up to government. In the five years for which I have been elected to serve as your MP, expect me to hold more of such meetings with you. We should be accountable and show the people of Molepolole what we have done at the end of those five years.”

Participants in the workshop were given an opportunity to evalute the Constituency Community Projects which are financed by the central government annually for P10 million. P9,5 million was set aside for 2019/20, P9,9 million disbursed for 2018/19 and P9,6 million used for 2018/19 projects. The projects include paving of internal roads, electrification of VDC houses and installation of tower lights in the constituency.

Also speaking at the workshop, the Council Secretary of MAA/Lentsweletau Sub-District, Joseph Kgabanyane, expressed concern that his village does have enough skilled manpower to be considered for some of the projects. As a result, they are forced to contract companies from outside the village.