• °World Oath agents says they have given PSP their invoices

World Oath partners, Temo Tau and William Mabengano have approached the Permanent Secretary to the President, Elias Magosi about their dispute with the Directorate of Intelligence Services (DIS) director Peter Magosi, according to one contracted agent, Mabengano.

Mabengano told this publication in a brief interview that “a revised bill to the DIS has been shared with the Permanent Secretary to the President for appreciation and mediation.”

He said they have reduced their demand from the initial P15 million to P9 million plus. “That is how much we are expecting from the DIS. Our expectation is that they are working around settling that debt,” Mabengano abruptly said.

The PSP, Magosi told this publication that he could not address our questions as he was still engaged in a long meeting. It is not yet known what the PSP intends to do on the matter or with the submitted invoice.

The DIS has not said much in relation to the claim except that they are aware of the claim and have passed it to their lawyers for advice.

Sources say the DIS is not really keen to settle the debt as they posit that the agents do not really have enough evidence to prove the debt due to the nature of intelligence operations where documented proof is a rarity. The agents however posit that they have enough evidence to prove their claims and will do so if push comes to shove.

The claims have also raised questions of the legality of the deals should the claims end up in court where highly sensitive information may be revealed.