PSP Strips Permanent Secretaries, CEOs of Fancy Cars

  • Permanent Secretaries to use Toyota Fortuners
  • PSP aims to curb wastage of public funds
  • Underperforming Perm Secs, CEOs face potential removal


The Permanent Secretary to the President (PSP), Emma Peloetletse, has implemented a new policy of austerity that entails stripping Permanent Secretaries and heads of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) of their luxurious vehicles and mandating use of standardised cars for them.

According to sources within the Office of the President (OP), this move is aimed at curbing unnecessary spending in Government Enclave.

To use designated vehicles

“All Permanent Secretaries will now be using Toyota Fortuners,” said an inside source. “The government is also halting spending millions of pula on cars for heads of SOEs.

“Under the new model, Permanent Secretaries and CEOs will use their designated vehicles for the entire duration of their contracts. If they wish to purchase vehicles, they can only do so at the end of their contracts.”

It is also understood that the PSP is concerned about the work ethic and commitment of some of these top executives despite the privileges and perquisites they enjoy.

Performance evaluation

“The biggest concern is why they should continue driving these fancy cars when they are not producing results,” said the source. “Some CEOs lead state companies that continually incur losses and yet enjoy these privileges.”

In addition to curbs on luxury vehicles, Peloetletse has also introduced a new government structure to evaluate the performance of all Permanent Secretaries and CEOs.

“For example, if you are a CEO and your organisation fails to make a profit for two consecutive years, you will be asked to show cause why the government should not replace you,” the source said.