The Legendary “Cheek To Cheek” Coming to Wagga Gardens 

This year’s “Legends in Concert” brings to Gabs the band made famous by hits like “One More Try” and “Do You Still Remember Me?” with DJ Sly for icing on the cake. Staff Writer GOSEGO MOTSUMI reports

In the annals of music history, South African disco outfit, “Cheek To Cheek,” stands as towering icons, their influence spanning decades with melodies etched into the collective memory of generations.

On 25 May 2024, music fans will bear witness to this year’s edition of the aptly styled “Legends in Concert” annual show where Cheek To Cheek will take centre stage at Wagga Gardens in Gaborone.

“Anticipation is building and excitement reaching fever-pitch as the date with the iconic ensemble approaches,” the event’s promoter Lecco Kenosi told Time Out.

“Let Me Live My Life”

“By bringing Cheek To Cheek, we are catering for the mature crowd because the entertainment space hardly caters for them.

“Legends in Concert is an annual show that has brought the likes of Malaika, Arthur Mafokate, Yvonne Chakachaka and Trompies. We mainly target the mature audience but the youth are welcome.”

In a world where music is often fleeting, Cheek To Cheek stand as pillars of resilience and artistic excellence.

The outfit was famous by hits like “One More Try”, “Do You Still Remember Me?” and “Let Me Live My Life,” songs have become the soundtrack of the old and the latter day because of their profound lyrics.

More than just performance

As they come together on stage, the legends in concert will be more than just performance but a celebration of musical mastery and a testament to the enduring power of creativity.

Stating the obvious, Kenosi says patrons should expect to be transported through time and genres when an unparralled lineup of artists, including Wizards, Kast, DJ Geespeezy, DJ Sly, DJ Fondo, DJ Mox and DJ Hapex Guru, take to the stage to deliver electrifying performances.

“We also have a surprise act,” he said but did not elaborate. “Patrons should bring their camp chairs to the show where cooler boxes will be allowed for P50 at the gate. Food and drinks will be sold at an affordable price at the venue.”

Tickets are selling for P200 standard and P300 for two at Super Spar outlets.