QATAR Airline – The Eagle has Landed


The arrival of Qatar Airlines to Botswana is music to the international tourists, who have suffered for too long through multiple connecting flights, who in most cases are not even synchronised.
This is good news indeed, for starters, it automatically gives Botswana visibility with international tourism companies. It’s a big jump on our tourism ratings.

The type of tourists we are courting are the very wealthy, who cannot and should not suffer the indignity of a multiple leg flight. Imagine booking a Business class ticket with unlimited luggage, only to be forced to downgrade to less than 30kg when one eventually takes a connecting flight from Johannesburg to GBE. Imagine not being able to book your ticket all the way from DOHA/ London to the Botswana final destination. The indignity of having to wrestle for suitable seating in the final JHB/ GBE seating.

This significant milestone speaks to a leadership that pledges during the electoral trail and processed to deliver. When I read somewhere, that Qatar was scheduled to land in Botswana a day after the elections, the doubting Thomas in me flagged the red light, “is this electioneering” – but to proceed to deliver after all votes have been counted, screams integrity and credibility of pronouncements even under duress in what is by far the toughest political contest in the history of this country.

We also need a backup for the JHB/GBE route. Yes it may be the most lucrative route for Air Botswana, but the national airline should be given a run for their money. Open skies are good for business. Its good business to liberalise and ease access and rules of use of national airports for foreign airlines. It increases the tourist flow and can help us develop the potential as a regional air hub.

Most importantly it’s jobs, jobs and more jobs. Its also yet another opportunity to raise our tech capabilities be it within CAAB or QATAR as a tech giant.
Batswana, especially the rural entrepreneurs are bold and courageous, very soon we would be flying to DOHA for business opportunities! Yes re within, the eagle has landed
I took time to google the DOHA culture, it’s warm and intimate.

If it’s a formal greeting, they shake hands. If you know the person well, you can go for cheek to cheek kisses (3 kisses on the right cheek). If the person is your relative or close friend, then you both can greet by touch noses twice.

Greetings and phrases that could be useful to you in day-to-day life – “Assalamualaikum /Assalam o alaikum / As-salaam ‘alaykum”.. this is a little difficult, its better to stick with 3 kisses!
Merry Christmas
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