Tawana Land Board directed to allocate business lady part of Okavango Delta

  • Land Tribunal says land board should allocate her campsite within a month

The Maun Land Tribunal has ruled in favour of local business lady Ineeleng Kavindama in
her case against the Tawana Land Board over the allocation of a lodge site at Mbiroba Island in the Okavango Delta, The Botswana Gazette has established.

Yesterday, the Tribunal directed that the Tawana Land Board allocate Kavindama a campsite within 30 days. Kavindama had dragged the land board to the tribunal
after they failed to allocate her the said campsite following a resolution that was taken at a board meeting on August 12th, 2021. In a letter dated August 27, 2021, the Land Board
wrote to Kavindama to inform her of her successful application for the campsite. “The coordinates of the campsite allocated will be communicated to the applicant within a month,” reads the letter. The land board afterwards went completely silent.
Kavindama reapproached the Maun Tribunal, accusing the Land Board of contempt of court. On Tuesday, Land Tribunal President Tebogo Masala ordered that the
Land Board allocate her the campsite within a month. On November 10th, 2003, Kavindama made an application for a lodge site at Mbiroba Island in the Okavango
Delta but was rejected by the Tawana Land Board which was never explained.
Kavindama took the matter before the Maun Land Tribunal.

The Tribunal agreed with Kavindama that the land board did not provide her with an explanation for its
rejection. The Tribunal on December 17th, 2018 directed that the rejection be set aside and the application is afforded all reasonable explanation within four months.
The land board decided against reaching out to Kavindama for almost three years, despite the tribunal order. In early 2021, she wrote to the land board, threatening
to sue for contempt of court. On August 27th, 2021, the land board informed her that her application had been reviewed and was successful but no allocation was ever done.